Developing your HAF 2021 local delivery: Learning from Leeds

(June 2021)

With acknowledgement to work produced with Leeds Healthy Holidays Programme Partners.

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Leeds Healthy Holidays (HAF) podcast

(May 2021)

HAF Leeds mapping demonstration

(February 2021)

Please see a breakdown of the video content below.

Start timeTopic
3.45Overview of Leeds Healthy Holidays & HAF programme
10.27Data sources & methodology: which data sources can help you develop HAF delivery
21.16Key findings: understanding what your FSM population looks like so your HAF provision meets their needs; opportunities to connect your HAF provision to your other Covid response/recovery support work
27.27Mapping tools
29.13Data layers: what types of data to map and why
29.43Data layers: boundaries – helping your HAF network understand and use partners’ structures and teams
31.49Data layers: context – understanding local needs for food aid and activity provision
42.03Data layers: assets – understanding and developing your provider assets and coverage
45.10Online forms: options for supporting your application process that feed directly into your mapping to inform your funding decisions
46.37Strategic level value & local delivery level practical support
47.35Tables: examples of mapped data viewable as lists
48.17Use & Practice: summary of benefits