New product and service development

When you’re juggling a busy workload, it can be hard to think constructively about problem-solving or new ideas.

Sometimes, all it takes is as little as half a day of clear and focused thinking in a safe and constructive environment to zero in on the right opportunities, unpack them and map out a path to support their development.

At other times, it’s important to review existing products and services robustly to uncover the crucial insights that will inform new developments more effectively.

Perhaps you find out more as you go, so a series of scheduled, focused sessions is the best way to achieve what you want.

There are times when you may want to change your approach during the process, so it helps to have support that can adapt flexibly to meet your evolving needs.

Idea creation

Clients often want to combine bouncing around good ideas to create a great concept, while minimising the time and risk this can involve, and keep the whole process on track.

Finding and choosing the right ideas, developing them into viable concepts that you and your organisation can explore further or pitch to partners is important. So is collaborating with partners or connecting to existing solutions that can be tweaked to give you what you need faster and cheaper than creating a solution from scratch.

Connecting all these components together ensures better outcomes at each stage of your idea creation and concept development.

Developmental support and forward planning

Many clients value some clear-sighted support which challenges or stretches their thinking in different directions, whilst understanding the limitations within their organisation’s capabilities or the business environment in which they operate.

Qualitative evaluation

Qualitative evaluation can help organisations of all shapes and sizes to uncover and articulate valuable insights that are often overlooked by delivery staff. This provides specific, practical and actionable guidance on projects and programmes for delivery organisations or grant funders, as well as helping grant funders to shape funds and charities to write more effective funding bids.

Holiday Activities & Food (HAF) programme support

Having co-ordinated the Leeds Healthy Holidays programme (comprising Council, HAF and donor funding) for the past two years has resulted in a wealth of experience:

  • Engaging and co-ordinating with city-wide partners and stakeholders
  • HAF project management
  • Mapping demand and supply
  • Practical guidance for local providers
  • Monitoring and feedback
  • Impact reporting
  • Bolt-on activities to maximise impact and benefits
  • Frugal innovation: making the most of limited resources